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I'm quite new here and to the bay (long time lurker). Looking for opinions on weather to go to Grandview or Buckrow tomorrow.

Is anyone else going (for helpful on-site pointers)? How bad is that pesky sewage spill that I read about (is gas mask needed)? :barf:

I'm hoping to get into cobia (I know snowball chance in satanville), flounder (I know they're small and few this year), spanish mac (very doubtful), blues (maybe), and trout (very doubtful). I know I will probably have to settle on croakers and maybe a couple spot, but that will be cool too. Do stripers and spades ever hang out around the piers?

My bait will consist of squid, shrimp, bloodworms, anything that I can get in the castnet, and cut anything that I catch.

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