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Any 1 get any kewl fishing stuff from Ocean East2 or Dicks?

Saw our beloved VB mayor @ Dicks grand opening.I wanted to confront her about my issues regarding the lack or non-existant of support for us Shore lead chuckers,but I held my tongue,I hope she reads my e-mail 2 day.

Lotsa neet [email protected] OE2,some great deals.Bought some jig heads,plastics,bait hooks(.25 cent each pack)and

Lack of or not yet fully stocked fishing supplies @ Dicks.Saw some stuff cheaper @ SA than @ Dicks.

I wound up spending 30 bucks,but with my coupun,10 bucks off the 1st $25.00 you spend,$19.85.Not bad for re-supply my terminal tackle and multiple new lures and a foldable shovel
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