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Got a rod question

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I have 2 questions to ask, If anyone would like to help.

1) What size rod and reel would you suggest for catching big red drum or cobes from the beach or pier, something say not cheap but not top of the line?

2) I recently got a quantom (Iron) from a friend, it is in really good condition, I believe it will hold 200 yds. of 12 or 14 lb. test, what type and size rod would you suggest for pier fishing, something that would be good for larger fish.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx
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In reguard to your first question. Are we talking Spinning or Conventional?

As for choosing a rod for pier fishing (I'll try not to write a book) think of the rod as a spring.

You overcome a large fish, by making him work against the constant pressure of the spring.

I would use a 7 to 9 foot rod, with as "slow" (flexable) an action as I could find.

I'm not familiar with the reel you mention, but the primary function of ANY reel is to apply SMOOTH, progressive drag.

If this reel has a VERY good drag, you might spool it with10# line in order to get more yardage on the reel.

If the drag isn't EXTRA good, you're probably better off with 15# line.

The line weight you choose, SHOULD affect your choice of rods.

The heavier the line, the more backbone in the rod.

Most new rods have a line range specified on the blank.

We don't have room enough here to go in to matching the rod to your personal characteristics.

If you're short and/or feeble, lighter is better.

If you're taller and/or stronger, a longer, heavier, stiffer rod will be OK.

I'll leave it to others to advocate one brand over another.

SOMETIMES you get what you pay for, but you NEVER get something for nothing.
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Most Quantum Irons I have run across are conventional. And since you mentioned Beach and Sandbridge I will make a couple of sugestions I have concidered(I may go Custom) They are the Tica and Oceanmaster Heavers in general about 12 foot letting the tip keep the line out of the water. This is what you will run into most often off the beach and they are used on piers too(some use shorter rods on piers). These rods are 90 to 120. Not bottom or top of the line. The reel you mentioned is possibly a little small but should work if it is what you have.
The Tica model numbers are
Spinning UEHA836502S
Conv UEHA735002C or UEHA836502C
The OceanMaster
Conv OM12SC
I believe these are correct.
Good Luck
Thanks Digger, I am thinking about a 7 foot, Heavy action for the Quantom Iron for the pier for medium size fish, and getting around a 9 or 10 ft surf rod, leaning real hard towards a spinning rod, just used them more and more comfortable with, If I do I will probably go with the Penn 6500 or 7500. And I saw a guy with a nice Tica 7ft with about the same size reel as the Iron I have, Thanx for the info.
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