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Good Charters

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Looking for a good charter located in the Virginia Beach area. Really not looking to spend a lot of money on a charter. Fifty dollars is about my maximum for a charter. I'm really not interested in fishing for the big fish yet. Went out on the Dock Side charter this week and was not impressed. The capitan spent most of the time looking for fish.

Just made the conversion from fresh water fishing to salt water fishing since moving from Ohio. Have had a lot of fun fishing on the piers lately. This board is great and I have already picked up a lot of tips from you folks from just reading!

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For Head Boat, pick a nice day (not too windy) and the weekdays. Don't know about the summer. I hear there are lots of tourists. I have gone in the past during the fall and once in the middle of January. You get mostly seabass and later in the fall togs and larger seabass. I once hooked a nice bluefish and I have seen other people catch flounders and amberjack. Bottom fishing for seabass is more catching than fishing. Seabass don't put up much of a fight espcially with the type of equipment that must be used in depths of 60-80 ft., but the meat is delicious. Most of the time during the weekend you'll be packed in like sardines in the boat.
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