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Hit Packery around 7:30am. Tide was heading out with tons of finger Mullet to be caught. As I was walking on, there was already a fisherman walking off with a limit of Reds and some nice Mangrove Snapper. He caught the Snapper with live shrimp right off the rocks. He said that the Reds were bitting from 30min before sunrise to 7:00am.
I made it out to about 3/4 of the way down and got started....Smack's were busting the Finger Mullet and clearing the water. A lot if action on the water but none for my rods... :cry: A couple of fisherman on the end to the Jetty were doing great. They had there Reds....The bite started to go around 4:00pm and lasted till dark.
Nathan was a tropper!! He didn't complain once about the fishing condition he just wanted to have fun.
Maybe next time I'll get the Reds in without busting off.
For the day it was 5 good runs with ZERO Reds....
Here's a shot of how close a boat came in. This one was a honest 30 yards from me. Dig-on-Me was zeroing in on another that was about 50-75 yards in front of him :twisted: ...

Here's Nathan going the distance!!!!!
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