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Going the Distance clinics

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Hi everyone - Looking forward to coming over next month for the two clinics, great to see so much enthusiasm and a great response from you guys. I undestand there are just a few places left.
Casting a long way is not the be all and end all of surf fishing, it is merely another string to the anglers bow. However, it is a very worthwhile string. Remember, if the fish are close in everyone has a chance, but if they are a long way off then only the anglers who have taken the time and trouble to learn will stand a chance of getting among the action.
I have been following the thread on long range rigs and I will be bringing some with me for the plus of course designing and making rigs will be part of the clinic. Rigs are an important part of angling, some work better than others while some will fish the socks of anything else around. All this and more will be discussed with working examples for every delegate.
See you in August - BB
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hi niel. be good to see you again. i'll be at the first clinic. haven't seen richard lately, but will tell him you are coming if i do run into him. fishing is getting better every day so you should have some diversionary fun. see you soon . bill smith:cool: :cool:
niel. the trout [weak fish] are here,but spikes. flounder but also a lot of undersize, spot and crocker, in good numbers. the stripers are always here, but catching up to them is the key. they are mostly at night. i wouldn't worry about rigs. whatever is going, i'll have rigs made up. i don't know if i'll have it in time, but a primo syncro [13ft 2in] has arrived. i'll build it as soon as i get it.:cool: :cool:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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