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Gloucester Pier

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Hey everyone! I'm looking for a York River pier to fish at night and none of the military ones are available right now...has anyone had any luck this time of year at the Gloucester Point Pier? Would probably be targeting striper...I'm sure they're there, but was looking for some local advice...areas to avoid due to snagging potential, etc. Thanks!
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Thanks for the great info! I'm headed out tonight with some eels and cut bait, so we'll see what happens. I'll post pics tomorrow if I catch anything.
Fished incoming tide from 7:30 pm to 1 am (high tide about 10:30 pm). Caught about 5 schoolies casting into the lights with a 1/8 oz yellow spec rig with 4" yellow Gulp swimming mullet. Caught NOTHING on the eels and cut bait. As you look at the picture Dave sent, I was fishing in the far left corner of the "T". Figured that was closest to the deep water, but nothing. But there were others fishing everywhere else along the pier and no one was catching anything but schoolies. Biggest I saw caught was about 15". Also, there did seem to be a lot of grass in the water last night.

All in all, I think it's a good place to fish. I talked to the park ranger on the phone earlier in the day and she said there have been keepers caught out there this year. One thing to note is that the pier is only open through the end of striper season...they turn the lights off at night between 1 Jan and 1 Apr.
I've tried that same corner with eels but only once and I also didn't have any luck, but I still think that you run a good chance of catching something doing that, especially under a float on an incoming tide so that the current carries it toward the boat ramp and bridge. There are some big fish that run along that sea wall where the fence (and no fishing signs) are under the Coleman, so I would think they move around close to that corner of the pier.
Thanks...using a float is good advice...didn't think about that. I was using a fish finder rig on the bottom...and the grass was wreaking havoc on the eels. But I agree with you...the area has potential! I'll definitely go back...too bad there's less than a month left in striper season!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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