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Girlfriend wants to crab while I fish

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Any suggestion on a good pier where she can try her hand I was planning on solomans
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Solomans is great, point lookout too. Best crabbing at point lookout is the lagoon next to the causeway. Use three foot steaks with about 30' of twine and a chicken neck. A wire mesh net makes the operation go much smother. Point lookout right now has the best crabbing. I also like the choptank pier due to how much room you have to operate, lots of space to drop multiple pots/traps and you can fish and crab TOGETHER which makes it more fun/romantic and PORTA-POTS!. Bring your swimming suit so you can take a dip, nice beech to the left of the baybridge side pier, no nettles this time of year. Not to many rocks, just smooth sand and few people.

I like the afore mentioned method of hand lines for crabbing on a date; It's more interactive and she can slowly pull in the line and you can net. A lot of fun to do with your kids too, its a skill that really isn't too hard to master and its something to do besides just pulling up a trap every ten minutes.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the info! ended up at solomans she caught 3 crab I ended up with 7 croaker and 2 perch
Very nice! Keep the other spots I mentioned in your fish file for next time.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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