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getting skunked

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I'm relatively new to surf fishing, and I've found that frequently I go out for 3-4 hours and catch nothing (except occasional kelp).

For some of the veterans out there: Do you ever get skunked or is it just me? Of course, there are at least 1,347 things I could be doing wrong, but I want to know if people who do it right usually get fish or if sometimes the fish gods just aren't pleased.

Inquiring minds want to know...

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We all get skunked from time to time. It is part of the game. If we didn't, fishing would become very boring. You may want to start by fishing where other people are fishing. Asks lots of questions and just relax. You should understand the species, bait, water conditions (tides, etc.), and best times to fish. Most anglers are very willing to share their knowledge.
LG- I was at the Tank the other day and only caught a couple small perch and I conceder that being skunked because I was going after Rock and lg.spot but there was no takers of any sort,I even used the prech as bait(live lining)no woppers,but I had a great day out instead of being at work(I'm on call 24/7)so when I get a chance to go I go. :D :) TRIGGER
The longranger has it exactly right. Getting skunked is part of the process that makes you a fisherman. Most of the experimenting you'll do and most of the questions you ask come about as a result of not catching. A friend runs a Chesapeake charter and when they get skunked,(and they do) they still get the $500 or so that a full day costs the clients. As he says, "Of course I take the money, but I sure don't feel good about it". As many of the posters here often say, "a great day on the beach...pier....boat etc." It is nice to catch fish but it isn't always all that bad not catching. That isn't easy to say but upon reflection, it is true.
Getting skunked means not going fishing.
If you are fishing, you have already won the game.
Look at it this way.
How many times have you gotten lucky on the first date.
There's you answer. :D :D :D :D :D :D
Never happens! :D (And fishermen never ..errr.. exaggerate.)
Getting Skunked?
Fishing is reward enough in most cases, for me at least. Try taking your or someone elses kids, they have amazing luck. The best way to catch fish is, fish where the fish are. That may sound too simple, but if their are no fish in the water in front of you, you can't catch'em. If their are fish in front of you, no matter what you do you most likely catch some.
Most if not all charter capts. keep a log from year to year. That gives them at leasyt a good guess where the fish are.
If people say they never get skunked are probably lying. Always observe what others are doing, like, what bait they're using, how far/close they're casting, where, etc..and eventually, that'll change for ya..But most importantly, ask questions and most often than not, they'll help you out.
What species are you targeting?
I have days where I know I'll likely get skunked because I'm using bait for bigger fish when all that's biting are the small ones. Thing is, I'm not interested in the small ones.

You probably don't have that problem in CA like I do on the MD bay though. Too many perch, spot, and croaker here. Not enough big fish!
It happens to the best of us(not being conceeded or anything). But pretty much eveyrone gets skunked. In fact I probably went more striper trips going skunked then coming home with fish last year. But hey if you went out and caught fish everytime and wouldnt be to fun. There wouldnt be as much prize as there is in landing mr brown or catching the marlin you would have always wanted to catch.
The only time I ever get skunked is when EVERYTHING looks great for fishing. Wind is blowing the right direction, water temp is perfect, bait fish in the area, moon in the right phase, not too sunny but not too cloudy either.
Sometimes I get skunked if only one of the above conditions presents itself, too. Fishing is luck sometimes, but there's one thing for certain that will yield you 0 fish...not going at all~!
I am with Sharkhunter. I tend to get skunked when I am absolutely prepared for catching fish. I catch fish when I dont have a camera, pliers, stringer, witness, etc. I usually throw out a little bait on a little rod to catch a little fish just to get the skunk off. That makes me more confident going for the big dogs.
I know I am going to catch fish when I get to the spot and realize I have forgotten my stringer or didn't get enough bait. If I take my kids, We'll surely limit out if I forget the camera. :rolleyes:
TunaFish says that people who say they never get skunked are probably lying. This isn't exactly true. In the last four years I've been skunked once and that was this year in early spring out of Va. Beach. Not only did I get skunked but 82 out of 83 got skunked in the annual tog fest. Sure there are times when I may only catch 2 or 3 fish but that cleans the skunk. I think to be successfull you must know what type of fish is in the water, what he is feeding on, know the tides, know the water temps. and know how he bites. All this comes from years of experience, constant observation of other fisherman and their techniques, and asking a lot of questions. I know in the past people right next to me were catching fish and I wasn't even getting a bite. That's when I start watching, asking questions, and learning. You can always gear down and catch something small and then gradually gear back up. At least the skunk won't follow you home.

Mah boy, that's why they call it fishing and not getting. But for the pure beauty of the out doors and the friendships that you will develope,,no day is a skunk. It's nice to get em,,,,but thats only part of it....salt
Getting skunked isn.t all bad.
It just means you don,t have to clean anything.:cool: :)
Gettin Skunked

Happens to every one.....some more than others. Heck, I'll take gettin skunked...it still beats my best day at work!:D
Yeah, getting skunked fishing is better than having to exert physical energy LOL. Its better is you get skunked in a group and no ones catching anything-- then you have time to do what all fisherman do.... lie! But there have been a couple of days that I've not caught anything on the pier except conch shells--talk about luck.
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