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Get Your Exercise When You Wet Your Line

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Sounds really cool, but steep price.
If I was rich I would buy it, but since Im broke....it's off to the pier.
looks pretty cool but lil over priced!!! :eek:
For the price you would have thought they would put a beer holder on the handlebars! ;)
Hell a beer holder , It should come with a waitress and the beer. :D
I wonder how it would handle choppy water. It looks great for shallow flats, but how safe would it be say in the Chesapeake Bay?
That craft has a pretty high profile. How would it handle in a cross breeze, chop, headwind, running tide? For 5 grand, I hope the answer is - great. Probably not though.
Looks like it would do well on the flats but I don't think it would take a blow. I wouldn't mind testing one out but don't think I'd buy one at that price.

porta-bote ?

Has anyone ever seen one or used a porta-bote. If so are they worth $1300 bucks
zup got em hooked
i have seen a guy by lesner that has one and have seen him out in les but i dont know if it worth the money or not . i think he has a 4 hp motor but its a good idea
good luck

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Thanks alot Fish n Fool....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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