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Can one of you SC fellas set up a pin rig with one of these Tiger Shrimp sometime and put one out of a pier? Please video it or at the least take some photos of and describe whatever comes along and eats it?
Well Garboman, I am from Georgia but I will give you my story. I was fishing the Savannah River jetties and cast netted a juvenile tiger shrimp which is about the same size as a very large white shrimp. I put it on the hook and cast it out only to have something huge take the hook immediately. My adversary took off in a rage spooling line like a big King, then broke me off. Whatever it was, was over 50 lbs. Then 2 hot chics from Europe came over to talk to me after watching and having been thoroughly impressed with my feats of nautical manhood.
So, my advice...get some tiger shrimp on the hook in the surf zone anytime you can.
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