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Did better in the morning than evening. Monday morning caught 4 blues on shrimp, 4 whiting on fleas and shrimp. Also got a 12" pompano on sand flea fish bites (1st pic). None that morning on live fleas. Surprised me. Kept a couple of the blues. I like them fresh. Wednesday morning I got pompano and whiting. Most of the whiting were small. I kept a couple to eat on the bone. Have to fillet everything for my kids and pompano were big enough to fillet. Kids are soft these days. Pomps were in the 10" range (2nd pic). Yesterday evening I only got 2 small whiting. This morning was slow with three okay whiting, a small shark and my first spot of the year.

Not a bad trip to start the year. I can say that the sand flea fish bites do work. I tipped some live fleas with them and that worked too. At least that way I know I always have bait on. I will be back in July so I will report again then. Good luck to everyone.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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