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Got down Monday but couldn't get to the beach until Thursday morning. Shrimp were thick and one cast of the net at low tide on Wednesday got me enough for two days. Had to pick through little croakers and pogies but got some mullet. First cast on Thursday I got a 28" red drum. Lady walking by took a picture for me. Caught limit of reds and a couple of keeper black drum. Funny thing was I didn't catch a single whiting or blue that day. Small black drum and pompano. Also got some spots. The grass rolled in about 11:00 and ran me off the beach. Friday was great. I had a limit of red drum by 7:15. I caught slot size all morning. It was like catching spots. One after the other. Had to throw back several that were bigger than what I kept but that is the chance you take. More black drum with a couple keepers, a few blues. One short flounder. Got a 17" whiting. Kept another 13". Threw back smaller ones I would have normally kept. Surf got up about 11:00 and I couldn't keep a 5oz weight out. Went back that evening with a friend and caught more reds.

Yesterday the slot reds were hard to find. For some reason 14 3/4" ones showed up. Still fun but only caught a few. Did get two more legal and two more keeper black drum. My buddy also caught the only hook and line croaker I saw. Had a great time all three days. Wish it would have been more. Shrimp and fishbites out fished cut bait by a large margin except with the blues.

Bach front got torn up badly. Crews did a good job getting the dunes off Waccamaw Drive. There is very little beach at high tide now. Good luck to everyone.


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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