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Gave it a shot.

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So, I knew I'd probably be doing nothing but getting my line wet for the sake of it, but I couldn't help myself with it being so nice out.

Fished for about two hours this morning. Tried squid on a bottom rig and various lures. Didn't even get a nibble.
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Early in the year all the fish are resident fish and squid is not on their kitchen table. Later in the season ocean run fish are in the bay and squid is part of their natural diet. If you want it work in early season you need to soak it for a few days in either shedder or bunker oil.
Earth worms of one sort or another are in all the tributaries and bay to some degree. For many bay fish like white & yellow perch, catfish, spot and croakers they are the universal bait.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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