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Went there this morning. Came Upon low tide going out. Survey the area and set up. Put 2 drop rig on one pole. Other pole fan casted using Carolina rig and fresh shrimp. Nothing but pinfish on 2 dropper. Zero on other. Did see a HUGE SCHOOL of Mullet get pushed down the coast. Saw a 4' shark do a spectacular jump in air and into the school. Put a 1oz Cast master on pole and let her rip into the school. Nothing bit. Probably only shark chasing them. A smaller school came by 1/2 hour later with same results. At least I was able to see for myself. A guy with a cast net waded out to his armpits for the Mullet. Netted 10. Better than zero. Packed up at 11:00. Wind and whitecaps came in so good timing.
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