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FWC Final Hearing On POMPANO RULE Sept 3-5

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Glad to see your posting garyc .
Great poll.

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Excellent idea--would love to see more of them. This is a dedicated audience your have here. Keep them coming.
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Now hear this! You guys out there in the Panhandle will get the final say - and a good opportunity to be heard next week on the 24th, too. It's kinda' funny, but NO public workshops have been scheduled in Northeast Florida at all. I for one feel very left out!

The FWC intends to schedule a final public hearing on pompano rule amendments during its Sept. 3-5 meeting in Pensacola Beach.


June 13, 2003
CONTACT: Lee Schlesinger (850) 487-0554

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has scheduled a series of public workshops to receive input on management options for the pompano fishery. The Commission is attempting to eliminate over-fishing of pompano by reducing overall landings by 10 percent.

To achieve this goal, the FWC is considering a range of possible management measures, including reducing the aggregate recreational bag limit for pompano and permit, reducing the pompano commercial trip limit, and/or increasing the pompano minimum size limit for all fishermen.

The FWC also is proposing to eliminate the pompano special activity license program to prevent further expansion of the commercial pompano fishery, and to apply the commercial trip limit to both state and federal waters.

The Commission encourages all interested persons to comment on these management options at the workshops, which will take place from 6-8 p.m. as follows:

Tuesday, June 24
Destin Community Center
101 Stahlman Ave.

Wednesday, June 25
City of Stuart Recreation Center
201 SW Flagler Ave.

Tuesday, July 1
The Administration Building
Chambers Room
1660 Ringling Blvd.

Anyone requiring special accommodations to participate in the workshops should advise the agency at least five calendar days before the workshop by contacting the FWC coordinator at (850) 488-6411. Hearing- or speech-impaired persons should contact the agency by calling (850) 488-9542 to arrange assistance.

The FWC intends to schedule a final public hearing on pompano rule amendments during its Sept. 3-5 meeting in Pensacola Beach.


Guys, this is your last chance to be heard on this important issue for every surf fisher. Alas, the actual web page where you can record your vote in the Survey doesn't work right now. (I sure hope it's been overloaded by voters!) Please keep trying to register your choice. I support the 12" minimum size limit for everyone. At 12", just about all pompano will have had a chance to spawn at least once and contribute to the overall biomass and diversity of the fishery. It's gotta' be a better & stronger fishery if we can get this rule adopted without delay. Mark down 2003 as an imporant milestone in Fishery Management. Either we give in to the Commercial NETTERS who want to keep the 10" minimum size or do what's right for everyone, including the fishery and manage it with the future in mind...

I couldn't say it better myself
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