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Full results?

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Bob theres no rush but are you going to post the distance for every caster that attended according to class?
Thanks John
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I'll get them to Blaine asap for the Sportcast USA board. Our computer was not there this weekend so I am sorting everything on paper.Very busy at work so I'm a little slow. Thanks for your patients.Full results for the 150gram are on the Breakaway board.I will post the 125 results there also.That will probably be the best place to look this evening.
I am sure Blaine is also very busy so it may take a day or two to have them posted on Sportcast board.
Bob now you know way Joe Moore never wanted a computer.:>) ;)
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Hi John,

Missed seeing you at the NE Regionals.
The results are posted at the website now, I'll try to cleanup the format if I can find the time later.

Blaine :)

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