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Fuji reel seat plates

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How do they work? Are they strong and easy to put on? Do they need clamps to hold them on the rod?
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Hi "805Mike",

I use the Fuji reel seat plate as my last alternative if the regular Fuji reel seat will not fit. Since this will be the only option that is available, then it is either to use this method or nothing.

The strength of this plate is weak when compared to the traditional Fuji reel seat. Just remember that at this point you won't have any options.

The Fuji reel seat plate is very easy to attach to the rod. I use "Scotch Brand" packaging tape with the fiberglass filaments to fasten the reel seat to the rod and then I use "Scotch Brand" decorative tape overtop the filament tape to keep the filament tape from unraveling.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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