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Fished Ft Monroe Saturday (11/8) and Sunday (11/9) outgoing tide. Fished from the little finger pier casting to the new jetty the Army just installed and tore up the schoolies on Saturday on Bucktails with Zoom trailers and white grubs. Fished again on Sunday and didn't do as good but managed 2 before the base police arrived and cited me and my son for fishing in an "Unauthorized Area"

Because they are placing jettys the place is considered a construction site. A poorly posted one, but yeah. He escorted us off the pier and back to my car and proceeded to issue me a citation, which amounts to a written warning. So much for that spot for the remainder of the year.

It was fun while it lasted, we probaly caught about 30 striper on Saturday.. all C&R'd. There is another pier on the base that is open and a few other spots that they allow fishing, I just need to pick up a base map.
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