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So, we made our annual first trip of the year this weekend for toads. We knew the tide was wrong, but what the heck.

Friday winds out of the north and turned east that afternoon with bluebird sky all day, low tide at 11:30am. Arrived at 10:30 and have never seen the fort that flat. Even at low tide, the beach looked basically the same. We picked a spot that had a pretty good hole last year, and fished til 5:30. Not a single bite. 3 hi/lo rigs with fresh shrimp, fish bites blood worms and cut bait. 1 drum rig with a big chunk.....nothing. As we left, the surf was a little easier to read at high tide actually, so we picked out a spot to start Sat morning.

Sat morning, we get out there as the gate opened at 8. The tide had turned to go out at 6:30a. Overcast with light winds out of the south. Before I could get all the rods out, I had a nice whiting on hi/lo shrimp. Ended up catching several toads with the tide going out. About 2 hours before low tide and 2 hours after, nothing. Picked up a couple more before things stopped again before high tide. Ended up with 8 toads, 2 good whiting and a small ray.

Sun morning, we had decided to fish to 11am, before heading home. Same conditions, cloudy, S winds, high tide at 7:15a. In the water at 8. We left at 11 with 9 toads and threw back a 14 1/2" flounder.

So all in all not a bad weekend. Pier report showed 55 degree water temps. Most caught on shrimp with a few on fish bites. Got home and fried up 12 of the toads and froze the rest and the whiting.

What happened to the surf? It looked like a flat long beach at low tide. No sand bar sticking out of the water, no pools. Looked like a good swimming beach. Is it due to the lack of fall and winter storms? Or, has there been some kind of replenishing? At high tide, you can pick out the deep spots pretty good.

The trading post is shut down. Closed signs on every window and the business hours chart is duct taped over. The air hose reel had a bag over it (thankful I installed onboard air this winter). Anyone know what is going on with the TP?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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