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selling my 13' factory afaw match rod. rated 5-6oz
originally a 13.4" rod, it has had 4" cut from the butt. so its now a 13' rod
this is nice if you throw high reel.

it has no reel seat, it uses coaster fittings.
perfect fitting spigot joint, not loose. tight and firm.
ive got the reducer also for it, if you want to throw it low reel.

rod can cast anywhere from 3oz to 8oz.
it can hurl 3-6oz N bait pendulums with no problem.
amazing bite detection in the tip, especially at really long range.
also added x-heatshrink to the entire butt handle and reducer.

ill have pics up in the morning.
its a 415$~ rod new, the reducer 30$, heatshrink about 20$

looking to get back >> 360$ shipped. or local pickup.
i take paypal. cc or noncc.
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