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Went back to the surf around 3:30-4 PM. Got setup at high/slack tide at the first spot past people then noticed a nice cut to my left 20 minutes later when the tide went out some....threw a rod over and bam PB whiting/sea mullet. Moved about 20 yards and setup again and caught a nice mess of them. Bite slowed about a hour before dark...or they moved where I couldn't find them.

Tally was 10~ whiting mostly keepers, 2 short flounder, 1 spot, 2 rays, 2 pup sharks, a bunch of pinfish, a tiny sea robin, and 2 crabs... I didn't have much time to sit.

If the pinfish would leave fleas alone you could probably kill the whiting. They were so bad they were pulling the Fishbites mesh off the hook... But that's summer fishing.

Shout out to DD for loaning me a flea rake...saved a lot of bending and digging. 1 scoop lasted me a very busy 4 hours.

Will put the tape to the big fish tomorrow, might get him weighed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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