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Free Pier Cart / Tank Clean-up

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I'm bring an extra Rubbermaid heavy duty service/utility cart to help carry the grills and whatever else for the cookout. I'm offering it free to anyone who wants to convert it a fishing cart. I'll have my converted cart with me so you can get some ideas. Click here to see what it looks like.http://www.industromart.com/rubbermaid_service_carts.htm . The model that I'm bringing is the 4520 (36" x 24"w 32 1/4"h). Your really need a SUV, station wagon, or pick up truck to carry it. I get lots of compliments on mine and you carry enough gear for 3 or 4 people. It's not new but in excellent shape. Ratail it runs around $275.00. If more than one person wants it we'll put the names in a hat. My wife says one in the garage is enough. :rolleyes:

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Aw man I thought I had props on that extra one. Oh well guess I will have to put my name in the hat;)
Hey Cat, if available I'll take, I'm usually a two trips with backpack, even buy it from you.
It's a nice cart the last time I fished with you,you helped me take my stuff off the peir to my jeep,remember. I would put my name in the hat but I went out and got a fish - n - mate jr. and love it. TRIGGER:D :D
Yep, sure do remember. That's the night you caught that monster 22" croaker and we had to use the drop net. Glad you're enjoying your fish -n- mate. I've been thinking of getting one for the beach when we go on vacation. With the 2 grandkids it's a lot of stuff to cart out on the sand and back again. This way I justify the expense. See you Saturday.

Get the Senior model Fish-N-Mate

Allows you to carry more stuff with you. I'll have mine at the Tank Saturday.
Damn nice cart I will give it that! Wish I was rich like you and could buy one like that!:D
FLF- if you catch a 60lb.Rock maybe catman will give it to you,fat chance,see ya later.
oooooh Trigger you wait I think I need to make a bet on the side that says I catch a bigger fish than you.;)
Hey FL FISHERMAN & Trigger,

How long have you guys been married anyway?...LOL Sounds like me and my wife sometimes.

I have a Plano tackle box I'll kick in with the cart if anyone needs it? It's a good size box with good top storage and 4 slide out trays. Let me know and I'll bring it.....See you guys soon
FLF- Your on,anytime anyplace,but you can't bring your good luck charm with you(thats catman) I know he's taught you well,the does and don'ts. TRIGGER
Alright Trigger we will have to wait till fall when stripers start running at the tank and then we will see who is the "Man";) But I don't think that it is fare for me not to bring catman. Even though every time we go he always gets more fish than me:D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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