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Free Casting Lessons Video

Here are the new video clips from the free casting lessons on July 26, 2003. Six or seven people reached a new personal best. This week we covered the cast in more detail. It was nice to see so many new faces. People asked lots of great questions. They now have a better understanding of how and why things work. We had a surprise visit from Longcaster. Most people were surprised to see how little effort it takes to increase their distance. We had three ladies this wee, WOW!

We covered safety and shockleaders, locking the drag on a spinning reel to avoid finger cuts, basic reel tuning, and the importance of relaxing to achieve greater distance. It was nice to see so many people improve in just one day.

tame that reel and I'll see you at the Delaware casting seminar in two weeks.
you are kicking butt, don't stop now. You've doubled your distance in just one week. You show be very proud.
Thanks for coming out. Don't look back, Andy is pushing up on you.
for a new angler, you had some very good casts.
practice with half power until you improve your aim. Your best cast were really flying.
relax and let it fly.
Everyone else,
look high and reach for the clouds. Thanks for giving my Saturday mornings real meaning. Most of you can expect to add another 100 feet with just a few more lessons. Forget distance for now. Concentrate on form and practice at the water; you'll have more fun and catch more fish.



Real Player

We hope to see you at the next free class August 23rd from 9am – 12 noon in Kenilworth Park, DC.

If the video does not play download it directly from this link:
Windows users can right click on the “Free Lessons (broadband)” and save the file to their hard drive.

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hey james nice to see you and richard are spreading the word, dont tell them everything or we will have to cast even further to keep our edge on the beach :D

well done to everyone who increased their distance, i bet you never thought it would be so easy to cast so far.

keep up the good work guys

best wishes peter:cool:
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