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The Marketplace has simple guidelines intended to keep the process fair and open.

To Sellers
1. Please post a clear description of the item and the price you are selling it for.
2. Only post one item per thread. Otherwise everything gets confused no one knows what's been sold and what is still available.
3. This board is for personal items only. Commercial sales are not allowed here.
4. No bumps. If people aren't interested, they aren't interested. The only way you can bump is to significantly lower your price.
5. If your item has not sold after 30 days, you are allowed to start a new thread.

To Buyers
1. No counteroffers unless the seller clearly says he's willing to entertain them. If you start junking up a thread by trying to argue someone down who doesn't want to, your posts will be deleted.
2. If you want to buy the item, post "I'll take it." Once a seller has accepted from a buyer, the seller should make a post saying that the item has been sold.
3. You cannot sell via private message. The process must be open and public.
4. Posts must be directly related to the sale of the item. Discussions about gear or retailers belongs on the Open Forum.

If you violate these rules your post will be removed and your account will be banned.
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Not open for further replies.