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Fort Story, 24th of July

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Fished the surf at Ft. Story this morning from about 9:00 to 12:00. Great day of fishing, really. Caught a few croaker, a few spot (a nice chubby one, too), and one small pampano. Almost everything was caught in the first trough with just a short cast, small hooks on a two drop rig with fish bites (edit: Bloodworm). I chunked up the first croaker I caught and rigged up a heavier two-drop rig with larger hooks to see about the meat eaters. Didn't have much luck except I got a strong hit that got away with the bait. Went back to just shooting for the little guys since I was having so much luck with 'em.

A blue crab also grabbed on for the ride at one point. Bastard.
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