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I checked out a lot of good recipes for cooking blues, all of them sounded great, I thought I would post this one more time for those of you who might not have read it. I had some friends tell me to bake the bluefish, scrape the cooked meat into a bowl, let cool and then mix in ingredients that you would use to make crab cakes and then fry golden brown in oil, they say if you added a few shells you would swear it was a crab cake. Hope you guys enjoy if you try it. Let me know if it works well. I had some luck with them at the LIP on Monday so I may try this recipe this weekend. Tight Lines :D [/LIST]

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The most important thing about cooking Blues to me is not the recipe but how you clean them. The key is to clean them soon after they're caught and even more important to fillet them, flip over the fillet and then fillet the skin off. Once that is done you'll find a dark meat right in the middle of the skin side. CUT THIS OUT!! This the bloody, oily meat that gives the Blue it's strong flavor. What you're left with is some pretty good tasting fillets. As far as a recipe I personally like to cut them into smaller pieces and fry them in a sweet batter like tampura or just sweeten your regular batter with a little sugar. Tastes so good it'll make your tounge slap your brains out!!

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Dude, I forgot about the cheek 'meat'. Back in the day with the 20# choppers, that was the best part about the blue. After you baked the blue (head-on, ofcourse), you'd scoop under the cheek for the white meat. I think I recall it was sweet tasting, unlike the oily taste of the rest of the fish. I also heard of folks eating that part raw.

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JB is hittin' it as I do same on cutting blood line/dark meat out of blues. My rules on Blues goes, where possible, bleed them on site, ice'em down, clean'em up for me this means fillet, skin, de-bone, and cut the blood line out; and rinse. Cook or fridge from there. I never freeze blue fish as there meat (to me) goes south so I catch, clean, cook, and eat with 3-5 days of catch.

I cleaned those 9 2-4lb blues from Lynnhaven the other day and have a 1/3 in fridge for frying tomorrow, 1/3 went to my neighbor (opps gave more away), and cooked other third last night :)

Baked'em with potatoes, onion, mushrooms, little garlic, rosemary, butter, lemon, salt-n-pepper ... smack yo Mama. Tomorrow I'll get back to myself and deep fry'em :D

Anyone w/ a recipe for Grey trout :D

Catch it, clean it, cook it, eat it, and for Jake Ace and me "throw the rest back",


And yes, the cheek meat is especially tasty !

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What JB&The Bucket said...............

The Bluefishcakes work well, if you'd like to get less "fishy" with the fillets(as well as making it a whiter meat), for any method of cooking, try soaking in milk or buttermilk overnight. Also for baking/broiling, try coating the fillet with mayo (instead of butter or oil), season and cook.

Another thing I like to do with Blues, is to salt some down to have in the off season (done the same way as Herring). Simple to do, retains nice texture, and you may be surprised how good it taste on a nice snowy day :D

Also, in my case, unless it's going to be smoked, or used whole for presentation for a get together, nothing comes home over 5lbs.

Yes, I like my Bluefish, and don't be shy with the onions and lemon ;)

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The #1 mistake fisherman make is thinking they can keep their catch out for long periods of time during hot weather. It's almost comical.

A good test is buy a fillet in the store in its package, take it fishing with you, and when you get home cook it up and tell me how it tastes.

During warm months you need to get your fish on ice ASAP. It's not always convenient to do, and I can't always do it immediately, but if you go fishing with me you will find a large cooler with ice in it.

American off-shore fisherman didn't start competiting with the Japenese until they figured out how to keep their catch and bring it back as fresh as possible. They built coffin like containers for each Tuna and packed them with ice.

The bluefish cakes served with a hot tarter sauce is unbelievable!

Fresh is definetly better than frozen when it comes to bluefish.

1 Med. Sized Blue Fillet
1/2 Onion
2 Cloves Garlic
Bread Crumbs (To Bind Meat)
Egg (Optional)

Grind that all together and fry or bake.

Tartar Sauce
1/2 Sweet Relish
1/2 Mayo
Hot Sauce (Your Choice)

Those two things will be the talk at your next summer gathering....man I am hungry!

Want a delicious bluefish - regardless of how one prefers to cook them?
They have to be bled like tuna.
Now I've seen tuna sell at dockside for as much as 60 bucks a pound - then I've seen others go for only $3.
The difference is how they're dressed "immediately"after the catch is landed.
They have two lateral artieries - running the length of the backbone. Insert a filet knife just behind each gill and sever this on each side.
Go to the tail - and just above the tail fin, cut a circle all the way around to the bottom of the backbone - or even cut it off here. But either way, the cuts top-and-bottom will drain the blood entirely.
Now quickly put it on ice.
Normally when this is done, you'll find on cleaning them at home that the "dark meat" everyone prefers to cut out after skinning them ?......Well, it's not there at all !
The blood has been drained at the catch.
Later gang.... :)
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