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Had to head down to CHS for some training. Decided to take some fishing equip. with me and king fished from 10:30-4 today. Beautiful water/weather conditions, probably the best green/blue water I've ever seen for FB. Only problem was no bait. Small blues, perfect for king baits, were around biting shrimp on bottom rigs. No shad were available this time around.

One guy caught about a 1-1.5 lbs. spanish mackerel on a bottom rig, yes a bottom rig, using cut up whiting for bait. There were only 3 of us king fishing, all had small blues for bait. No hits on the king rigs while I was there.

Ok, time for some legendary stuff, one of the Georgia (Tybee Pier locals) fstrthnu came up to CHS for a wedding. He caught a shark on a 5-inch live whiting with a basic mono-drum rig, but the hook never made it into the sharks skin, instead the hook wrapped around catching itself on the mono leader right at the shark gills like a lasso! NO BS! The damn shark surfaced and I started laughing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was lassoed around the body behind the last gill. I've got pictures for proof but need to get them developed (tomorrow). Crazy day, beautiful weather/water, no baits, no big fish - still better than any day working:cool:.
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