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Trying to talk My FIL outta going, Waiting until Today, (Friday), He insisted that We should give the "Interception" a Shot..
Arriving at the Carolina Beach Pier Early in the Morning, It wasn't *that Bad* as advertised on the Weather Board"..
Brief Showers, winds EAST 10 to 15 Water Temp 82. Falling Tide.. 3 to 4 footers rolling.. Water was clean & green. Surf looked very Drummy..;)
We started catching King Bait, Very small croakers were in abundance..
Using a couple of those, for cut bait, Managing to catch a couple Blues on that..
I caught a Whiting FIRST, sliding that down my Rig,, Promptly, the reel screamed 50 yards or so, No hook-up...
Caught several Nice Whiting on the cut bait... Lots of little Bar jacks on Sabikies..
Lots, I mean LOTS of 8 to 12 inch Mullet were Blowing South.. Watched a snake King Tail-Walk through a school of them..

Around 12:30 FIL hooked-up on the nice Spinner Shark, about 5 foot long.. Well you can guess what happened with that... Jump, Jump,, Spinning,, more Jump, jump & gone... Turned His King Rig into a Slinky.. :rolleyes:
Tide changed into the Rising,,,, Weather cleared up.. And the Winds Kicked it up several notices in a Matter of Minutes.. 6 to 7 foot seas White capping.
We opted to leave...
Water was pretty dern clean though-out the Morning, though..
Will post another Report soon, Maybe Monday or Tuesday, weather Permitting..
(Oh Jolly Roger hooked on on few Kings yesterday).. Up at Topsail..
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