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I was skeptical about the report from the beach that said it was the "worst fly season ever". I stand corrected.
Fished Saturday from dawn to 1300hrs with TWO types of bug spray and cream on....at times I saw twenty flies on my legs AT ONCE! Fortunately, I had an emergency rain pants in my cart and put those on, which fixed 98% of the problem. Fishing report was bad...one short pup, one pompano, one roundhead, and one butterfly ray...
I was thinking about the "NAKED AND AFRAID" TV show where the peeps are covering their bodies with mud, or using smoke and ashes or whatever....if naked at BBNWR right now, I would stay in the water up to my nose! Course, if you are against nude sunbathing , you can forget about THAT ONE, unless they got kerosene or some such!!!

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