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Where are some good places in the area to catch keeper flounder? What do you all use as rigs, bottom rigged squid? Do they hit on any lures? Hope we get a break from the rain this week!
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Roosevelt Inlet is good;work tight to the 2 jetties.Use lighter sinkers and bring pleanty of rigs.Cape Henlopen Cast and retrive a carolina style rig(fish finder rig);or wallk along the pier w/your rig;or use a bobber to drift.You can also drift your rig by using the lightest wieghts.Jigs are also good for Flounder,and if the Trout are over there you can catch them too on jigs.You can also give Indian River Inlet a try too but I haven't masterd Flounder fishing there.Any of the technques I've mentioned work almost anyware for Flatties.I've also hooked Flounder at Solomons and the Choptank piers too;but Deleware has better fishing.Minnows/squid is the best choice followed by cut spot or cut bluefish,and you can use cut fish or squid strips on buctails or certin jigs too.I hope this info answers your question;) .
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Close to DC. the best pier or beach fishing for Flounder I've found is the pier or beach at Breezy point. It has the sandy bottom and mudflats they like. I've had the most luck useing bloodsworms, shrimp or live minnows on a fishfinder rig. Flounder fishing from the shore in this area is hit or miss at best. Now if you have access to a boat thats a whole nother story. Hope this helps you out.......Tightlines
Its a long drive but well worth it

The flounder fishing is hot in Deleware at Cape Henlopen or better yet Roosevelt Inlet.But the drive is 2 hours but well worth it.;)

Cornfield harbor down at point lookout is a good place,but you need to rent a boat. Shanty town pier in ocean city is also an exellent place to find flounder. At certain tides you can catch flounder at the inlet in ocean city. i have also seen people cast out at the beach and walk the beach and catch flounder.:cool:
I have had luck at Point Lookout State Park. There are a lot of throwbacks but have caught a few over 17 inches before. It's not easy, but they are there. Just make sure you have a long net or a drop net. I usually use a minnow and squid combo and do well with that.
I wonder if they would still be around Pt.Lookout,Solomons,and Breezy Point with all the rain they've had.:(
Thanks for all your guys input! Hopefully we'll get some sun over this week so that the salt levels improve by the weekend.
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