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Flounder? Tog?

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I've been fishing round Annapolis now for a few years and have done very well on Striper and Croaker. I keep hearing that you can catch Flounder up this way. Anyone know where and when on what??

I also heard from the DNR that their were Tog in the 5 lb size off the "pipe" on Kent Island when the divers were sevicing it.

Anyone want to share the location of the "pipe"??

Thanks and good fishing!
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Hey - :p Sea bass, Tog, and Flounder are among my favorites any info would be nice. If anyone know of a general area (private spots are NOT needed) that these fish are in year after year would be nice too. I hate to waste fishing time “on they were yesterday”. :p
Last year I went on a chartered Tuna trip and the Mate was hug over and begging for more beer. Plus he did have anything to eat. So we feed him gave him soda and he still wanted a tip...
Believe it or Not?
Tog by the bay bridge this year is it possible?Is the bay that salty still? :confused: :confused:
Ok, Tog up here, well they do get a Jack or two as far north as Love Pt during the summer. So if ya know where the "pipe" is let us know and we can go try it!

Flounder, my neighbors go out of the West River in late summer and nail them somewhere near by on minnows/squid combos. Will not say where... They catch a few big flounder each year by Thomas Point Light, seen them there to 22". I'm looking for a reliable place where you can target them vs getting lucky. What do you guys know about the eastern bay? DNR claims thats a hot spot.
Pipe is North of the Bay Bridge on the Eastern shore side,you need a boat to access it, Depht Finder also helps.
Interesting question of Tog in the bay, I've seen an actual article from the Fisherman they put in a book on tog (probably 15 years old) about Tog hotspots in Tangier Sound.

I've heard of a large Tog caught at the Gas Docks at Cove Point.

There's a possibility there are some out there but people are just using inappropriate bait.

The typical coastal bait are Green Crabs (which actually are native to Europe, accidently ended up in NJ/New England in ship ballast, and all the ones sold here are actually collected in NJ and shipped here.)

But you can't get them in MD Chesapeake Bay bait shops.

You'll want to use HARD (not peelers, not soft crabs) Blue Crabs. Cut into halves or quarters.

You have to fish somewhere with hard surfaces. Jetties, metal, wrecks, stone piles, etc.
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c'mon folks I was being fecetious...

Thanks for the info though...

...and I believe it. :D
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