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Florida Red Drum Tag Returns

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Florida Red Drum Tag Returns
This article provides recent statewide information regarding tagged and hatchery-reared red drum, including the locations of release and the number of captures by anglers.


Summary of Red Drum Tag-Returns by Anglers
Hatchery red drum that have grown to a length of 7 inches or more may be marked with a variety of externally visible streamer tags. These tags can be seen protruding from the back near the dorsal fin or the belly behind the left pectoral fin. External tags allow recreational anglers to identify a hatchery red drum. Each tag has a unique fish identification number and a toll-free Tag Return Hotline phone number imprinted on the streamer. The belly streamer tag has a flat base plate that anchors the tag through the body wall and is imprinted with the same information as the streamer. Anglers capturing tagged red drum can report tag information to stock enhancement scientists. The table below shows the number of externally marked fish, the locations of release, and the number of captures reported by anglers.

(longer than 7 inches at release)
Current through 2/13/03

Location of Release
Release Number
Caught and Reported
Percent Caught

Biscayne Bay
183,291 Release Number
766 Caught and Reported
0.42% Percent Caught

North Indian River Lagoon
5,817 Release Number
969 Caught and Reported
16.66% Percent Caught

St. Lucie (South IRL)
5,542 Release Number
581 Caught and Reported
10.48% Percent Caught

Volusia County
16,283 Release Number
546 Caught and Reported
3.35% Percent Caught

Tampa Bay
25,899 Release Number
186 Caught and Reported
0.72% Percent Caught
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