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12/18/03 Fishing report by Capt. Terry Lamielle

Well, old man winter is finally here. The last couple of weeks have delivered several cold fronts that have dropped nighttime temperatures into the low 40's and tonight they are calling for 38. These temps have had a significant factor on the Lagoon. Water temperatures have dipped into the high 50's to mid 60's by the afternoon times. There are still Tarpon to be found in areas with water flow from the fronts rains and a few Snook also. The larger schools aren't happening but with a little scouting and a lively finger mullet to give them they are still producing some spectacular jumps from these Silver Kings. The trout bite is coming on strong since the water temps have lowered. A couple of warmer days after these fronts seem to be when they go on a feeding frenzy. If the time is only to get out just after a front then presentation of the lure used must slow down to a crawl. These fish like to sit in deeper water on the bottom where darker mud bottoms are found. This mud acts as a solar heating pad as the days sun warms it up for the nightime/early morning hours. Later on in the day sight fishing grass flats with sandy potholes can produce some impressive fish. These Trout will sit in the sand potholes sunning themselves until the sun starts to drop on the horizon.

Good Luck out there.
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