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Fishing with Dynomite!

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Its almost July 4th so I was wondering what your favorite pyrotechnics are? I have never fished with dynomite by the way. My favorites are Roman Candles, and your basic old bottle rockets, both with report. :D What are your old favorites?

Many people claim that I put the maniac in pyromaniac.
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Have to say when I was "young and dumb" livin in trout country .......M60 attached to lead always tookfish home. course cherry bombs worked too. 8(---)
When I was young, dumb, and in Viet Nam, I used 1/4 pound TNT fuses in the Mekcong River. The strangest things would float up and be immediately grabed by the locals waiting down stream.
The locals thought we were completely nuts standing there getting soaking wet after each roaring explosion.

soapfish did that in Cam Ran Bay along the beach,mostly sharks but what the heck.8(---)
Joey you are right......was thinking M80 then must have gotten my mind switched to Guns and typed M60.......Hahahaaaaa. that brings to mind the 44 cal. spinner launched out of a Ruger Redhawk for salmon in Alaska..........weeeeeeeeeeee, gald I grew up lol...........I think.;)
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