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Would any of you guys be interested in how-to DVDs on catching specific species? Or would you prefer a straight highlights video (blitz footage, etc.). I'm thinking about shooting a couple and selling them for around 20 bucks or so. Would any of you guys have any interest in this?
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Would there be clips of last years striper blitz?? I never got to see them.
The first one would be mainly longer striper blitz clips--but not the crummy little 30-second ones on the site. High quality stuff shot with a digital video camera, 30-60 minutes worth.
are you also considering How-to videos for casting,rigs,and water reading?I've yet to venture onto the conventional side(though I use them all the time freshwater fishing).Just the thought of the size of the birdnest on a 10+foot rod scares me :eek:
I'm interested in both.Seeing as how I have never seen a true blitz. :(
Sand flea, I would be very interested in both dvd's let me know when you plan on doing this :D
also s.f would like to know about dvd's on proper techinique on casting thx. ;)
Flea the how to's would be the best. Also I will offer any help I may be able to provide too you. I do own some digital audio equipment.
Just make sure you get some topwater footage in there. :D
There'll be plenty of topwater footage. Honestly, most of you guys on here know how to catch stripers so I was thinking a how-to might not be up your alley. I just thought some killer footage would be your thing--I'm planning on taking a lot of time off over the next couple of months to chase birds and am going to bring a videocam with me. Hopefully I'll find the same stuff as I did last year.

But I guess I could put a little how to in. Maybe the details could be more about the conditions that are conducive to a blitz than specifics on tackle.

The striper one would be the first, but it would make sense to do some others. Maybe hook up with the distance guys and do one on distance, another on pier techniques...

Keep the ideas coming, boys.
Sand Flea,
I'm interested, but would also like to see a WHERE TO segment included. Count me in!

I'm sure you could do one on bottom fishing techniques for for blues, trout, tog, flounder, croakers, etc.

Show the angler how to tie these rigs, how to cut bait, how to store bait, etc.
Sand Flea, I'd be interested in any videos featuring blitz footage or how to stuff. I think it would be cool to shoot fishing at a bunch of local spots and show different types of fishing(beach, rock jetties, wading around bridges, etc.)
I'm interested in all the stripper videos I can get! :p :p :p
save your money and try morpheus or kazaa. they have a fine selection of your videos. HAHA! :p

Have you seen Mike Laptew's videos? That's good stuff!
Greetings sand flea!

Sounds like you have a lot of supporters for this endeavor. You may want to hook up with someone with marketing experience....

It would probably take a little time, but maybe you could hook up with some of the tog fishermen on the site and throw together a quality "how-to" on blackfish (maybe include some sheephead and spadefish footage.) You could mine through the archives for ideas....

Good luck on your endeavor, and put me down for the striper CD!
I will be interested in obtaining a copy of the DVD or video.

Things I will be interested in:
1. 'How to' related to
-catch different species of fish using different baits and lures
-fish surf vs piers
-equipment (rod, reels, lines, and etc...)
2. Different spots in the cheasapeake bay or carolinas
-when and where to go
-near by tackle stores

Sandflea, these are some suggestion that serve my interest as a first year fisherman. Hope this helps. :)

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