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fishing tomorrow night

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NB or SP. Prob NB.
Anyone else?
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Hey Husky,

If you are hitting NB tomorrow I'll join you.What time are you planning on heading down there.


"Remember,the further you cast the longer it takes to bring the big ones in." ;)
ok, I should get there around 5 or 5:30 and I'll fish til around 10. Look for a blue Johns Hopkins Hat on a normal sized young guy catching fish (I hope).
If you will be later, I can save you some time by picking up bloodworms for you on my way (they are $6).
Let me know.
I am hittin spsp tommorrow (had it my way, wouldn't sleep after my 4th final at MC tonight @ 9 pm) learned hard way it doesnt pay to stay awake after gel brained from the academic pain.

--- wish i had a transporter beam!---
-----who's drivin'?-----beam me up!
HuskyMD,Master Caster, I think I'll ride down NBP also. Haven't been able to fish this year because of surgery. Not ready for the boat yet but maybe I can try the pier. If thats to much heck I'll just take photos. I know one thing, the weatherman says we better bring our rain slickers & rubbers, cause it's gona be wet. Oh, I'll be the gimp with the cane....lol
rain would actually be nice--means less people will be there fishing.
Hey Husky where do you get bloods for that price?
Just off of rt4 on 261 at the tackle store there (Bay Sport?) next to 7-11.
Is a Texco gas station around that area on the left side of the road.
Yes and Yes. The ones I got were the best bloods I've gotten in a long time.

Assuming I make it out tonight, I'll let you know tomorrow if I have the same kindd of luck with them. I have my rods and gear out in the car, but I hurt my shoulder last night. I think I'll still go, I might just only use my 9' tica as it is light and won't bother my shoulder (or I could handle is left handed).
How long are you guys planning to stay at NB tonight?
I don't even know if MC is coming for sure. Personally, I plan on fishing from around 5:30 - 10 and then heading home.
If you'd like to come and teach me all that you know, feel free. Look for the blue Johns Hopkins baseball cap and columbia rain gear (or I'll likely be the only guy on the pier with baitcasting reels).
you coming? I'm leaving work in 45 minutes (at 3 PM). Unless I hear from you that you want me to pick up bloods by then, I will only get me some.
looks like a good day for fishing... hopefully it will rain for you so the pier won't be crowded...

I rather have the rain and the pier to myself than have a packed pier and the sun...
husky, were you at pt. lookout pier last thursday?
no. Haven't been to PT Lookout all year.
I'm leaving work. MC and Hat80, see you there? If not, another time then.
Nice to meet you Hat80.
Husky- what did you catch last nite,anything good!!! and how was the pier,alot of people or not.The ears want to know. :) :)
The pier was empty and with good reason. No fish. VERY WINDY. Left early.
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