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Fishing this weekend in MD

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Is anyone going this weekend? I worry the strange weather will put a damper on the fishing. Seems the change of air pressure seems to throw off the bite. Any thoughts on that?
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I want to go somewhere this weekend. But you are right. The weather has not been good. I may try fresh water fishing.
Where do you go when you go freshwater fishing?
I have only tried a couple of small lakes near my house. Seneca Creek and some lake up near Boyds, MD.
If the weather permits, I'll prabably head down to Choptank. I've fished SPSP and Meatapeak almost all the time this spring, and want something new.
There supposed to be a lot of scattered thunderstorms this weekend. Be careful.

For freshwater fishing, I normally go to Smallwood State Park, Wayson Corner,or Marsha Hall.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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