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Went to the show today too. Kinda like hangin at the tackle shop without the cigarette smoke. Didn't see that many 'good' deals and nothing too new on the tackle either for the shorebound angler. I did see one guy selling 6" plastics that look and feel like Storms.
Lighthouse and Oceans East had the entire back wall to themselves. Lighthouse has St. Croix rods for 25% off....it was tempting.
For entertainment and education, catch the show at the live fish tank. The guy I saw (younger guy of the two) was a hoot. He showed you different lure techniques and entertained the crowd with his casting and jokes. It focused on freshwater. Sit in the front and you'll get tossed some lures and other free stuff.
I left with several packs of jig heads made by some guys who makes them in a garage in Ocean Lakes, a Fisherman's Notebook, several raffle tickets and $3 hand soap (which claims will get cut bait stink off your hands).
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