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Fishing Report

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Ok guys lets here what everybody had caught this weekend:where,when,what bait you used and rigs, you know some of us have to work on the weekends :( :( I want to play hooky one day this week.Come on don't be shy. TRIGGER
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Since there's nothing worth catching from the piers yet I'm going trout fishing later in the afternoon.

You could try SPSP,it's just a hop skip and a jump from where you live,go for it.I hope where your going trout fishing it's a little shady and cool. :eek: :eek:
Hey Trigger,

I caught 21 Horse Croakers with my dad last night at NB pier. I was using a regular 2 hook leader with size 2 steel leader hooks. i was catchihng on bloodworms. When the bloodworms ran out I used squid with a touch of shedder crab oil on it. The croakers love that stuff.


"Remember, The further you cast the longer it takes to bring the big ones in." ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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