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fishing report

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Fished Topsail mon.24th.

Caught 6 nice blowfish from the surf before the grass got really bad and forced an end to my day.

Used fishbites for first time. They work!

Sea mullet were being caught from the pier but I don't know how many, according to a lady that stopped to chat.

Fished Tues. from Bogue inlet Pier. Caught 20 very nice sized blowfish and one sea mullet. All caught on shrimp.

A guy fishing right beside me caught 39 puffers and one VERY nice sea mullet.He was using two rods. I was using only one rod.

Water was extremely muddy from the beach smothering project.

Didn't see any bluefish caught at either location but did see what looked like a school of blues working bait just beyond my casting range at Topsail.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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