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Stationary front with lots of rain and unstable conditions during the latter part of last week (Wed 9/9 - Sat 9/12).... family members reporting not many fish caught on Rodanthe Pier. I fished the wash with Fishbites-- caught a single small kingfish but otherwise nothing. Couple heavers with fresh cut bait in/beyond the breakers didn't produce. 8oz. pyramids held bottom on a couple days and started slipping on the windy days with rougher surf. I wasn't enthusiastic enough by that point to start switching tackle around.

On a positive note, we caught a bunch of smallish croaker/spot in the sound on bottom rigs with small squid strips. Only fished for a cumulative 3 hours or so on 2 different days but went through a full box of squid and had to buy another.

I have a couple of gear reviews but I wasn't able to find rules about that on the site-- what are we allowed to post in that regard, and what can we do in terms of naming brands, etc.? My experiences were mostly positive, but are we allowed to post [polite] negatives/suggestions for improvement as well?

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