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Got down onto Assateague around 4 PM Friday. Drove on the beach, but it was kind-of windy. Put in my rods, made a camp fire, cooked my family dinner on the open fire (They thought that was neat). Didn't get a bite from the fish...

But, they were making a movie on Assateague beach then. I parked near the tents, horses, cameras, etc so that my girls could watch. They thought it was real neat to see guys in 13th century garb with long swords racing around on the beach.

Fished OC Rocks (inlet park) next two days. Got the following:

-- Caught three togs. Two others that got off because of equipment/operator malfunction.
-- Measurements: 14, 14.5, and a heartbreaking 15.75. So, noting kept.

Had a great time. I'll be back in two weeks with a group of friends. Then the agenda will be:

-- Beer, food, and squeeze in some fishing.

Best Regards,
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