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Fishing at Last

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Well the wife, puppy and I went to Garden City, Yucca Ave parking today to try it out. Within 10 minutes a nice 14" pompano was in the keeper bucket. 2 poles in the water and a 3rd fan casting. Fished the incoming tide for 2.5 hrs until it turned. Only pompano hooked. The rest were small sharks. Gave up counting after 7. Strange thing was the pompano was caught on a standard 2 drop hand tied (me) rig with circle hooks. All the sharks were caught on the pompano rig I tied. They even hit a bare hook. They were gold color with an orange bead and green float. Go figure. Those kalle offset hooks are a pain to remove. Went later to the south of the pier for an hour. No hits but did locate some big sand flea pods. Will gather some and then to my arsenal. Weather was cooperative.

BTW- fresh local headless shrimp were my bait.
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I fish that area quite alot and always have good action there...and yes those small sharks are annoying as ever and for the next 2 weeks they will be around
I was born and raised in Albany NY and moved here in 2010 and love it
Good to know. We live outside Albany. We were considering moving here but hit a 90° week a few years ago and said no. Couldn't imagine the heat in the summer. We do have a camp on Sacandaga, so that is our go to place. As for here and now, I didn't fish today. Too windy at Garden City so went for a beach walk with wife and pup. Going to try Nash St access in am. Will post results.
Went to Nash St access today in am. Somewhat rough incoming tide. No bites that I could tell. Found sand fleas but didn't produce. Left at 10:00 and wind picked up. Tomorrow's another day.
We went back to Garden City Yucca access. 1 decent whiting (kept) and 2 sharks. Later at 5:30 low tide fished state beach north of pier. Wind not a factor and nice wave action. No bites.... Did get some more sand fleas more tomorrow. Some big pods all around.
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