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Fishin with the Dog.

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Ok guys. I have been looking for places to go pier or surf fishing where I can take the my dog with me. The only place I have found is the Potomac. This is convenient b/c I live in NW DC, but I want to be able to eat some of my catch. Are there any piers or beaches where you fish, in the saltwater, that allow dogs?? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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Not sure but I do know that you can't bring them to Sandy Point. We have two retrievers and would like to take them as well but it's tough. Probably buying a boat soon so they can go with me on the boat.
NBP allows dogs but it would need to be well behaved. Theres a guy there with his dog alot, he just sits and watches his master fish. Never been a problem with him....Tightlines
Good Dog

Thanks Hat, I know everyone thinks their dog is good but mine really is. She just sits at my feet when I am fishing on the beach in VA, or at the Potomac. Thanks for the tip.
OLDBAY:they have a dog area at plo;just before c-way on the left hand side there's a dog beach.
id bring my ol iady with me to watch the dog long as theres a place for her to tie it up in front of the stores and go shopping :(
Glad someone asked this question. What about the tank fishing pier, are dogs permitted?
Fish Bait said:
Glad someone asked this question. What about the tank fishing pier, are dogs permitted?
No. Most Maryland State Parks, including the Choptank pier, do not allow dogs. This is one rule the rangers enforce, I've seen it, and there is a fine.

Not that you should ever leave your dog in the car, but that is also a no-no in Maryland State Parks.
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