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OK guys, here is a list of what thread I have right now. IF you go to http://www.fishhawkthreads.com/ you can see what color these #'s are. I will go ahead and do a group order if there are enough people interested in doing so. The only restrictions I have with the order is I have to order the color, and size of thread in box quantities, which in most cases is 5. For ease of pricing I am pricing these spools at 2.50 each. I paid 2.00 each for them, but am pricing them at 2.50 to cover shipping charges to those who need it shipped. If anyone would like to pick it up locally I will be happy to sale it to them for 2.00. I am really not trying to make anything off of you guys. I just want to get a good price on thread myself, and pass the savings along if I can. Please send me a pm and I will relay pricing information to you that way if you are interested in a group buy. I do get the distributor cost, so I dont really want to post them all on here. this is what I have now.
001-C opaque (NCP) x1
246-D x1
778-A x2
272-D x2
206-A x2
221-A x2
002-C opaque (NCP) x2
209-D x2
290-C opaque (NCP) x2
please post up on here what you would like and I will take them on first come first serve basis, if payment falls through I will go to the next person.
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