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Sunday I was at my local watering hole and met up with some guys I
use to work with, I`m now retired, and one guy told me a story of a very
large flounder caught off the Seagull Pier 10/16..Rick said one of his good
friends told him he caught a 34" off the Seagull..I did some web surfing and
and nothing was to be found out about this mammoth flat boy..I was just
wondering if anyone has heard anything about this catch ? My response to
Rick was that flatty would have probably gone close to 14lbs and there
should be some data to back up the catch, oh well, one damn good fish
story anyway.. I do it from a boat and wireline for the flatties along with
a little drifting and the biggest one on my wall is 9-14, not say the 34 incher
wasn`t caught, I suspect that Uncle Bud may have affected the story. So
has anyone heard anything???

Capt. Skid :fishing:
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