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Hey guys.. wanted to let you know about an attempt I have tried at duplicating the fish formula that Gulp lures use. Tried this last year. My property in Kilmarnock has a dock on a salt water creek just north of the Rappahannock River so have the ability to test out the formula fairly easily.

Take a whiff and taste of the Gulp lure and you will taste salt and vinegar. So.. i made the formula out of purified water, sea salt and white vinegar, that simple. You can also soak your standard plastic lures in it though it wont absorb in like the Gulp lures. When I make it, I get the water hot, add a tea spoon of salt and bout the same or more of white vinegar. Let it desolve, cool it down and then either add some to your bags of gulp lures or just get a plastic bowl("to go"Chinese soup bowls work great) and just keep your lures submerged in that. Though the die on the lures does come off after a while. I try to give the different colored lures in the same bowl and not mix the colors.
Anyway.. let me know if you give it a try and or share your formula if you have one.
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