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Well I've been tearing down and rebuilding a Daiwa beefstick and turning it into a stand-up style rod. Just got done with the handle assembly and thought I'd post up a couple of pics.

The finished handle:

I used an amtak aluminum seat and gimble and a nylon slick butt. I left the foregrip intact and covered with x-flocked shrink wrap. I also covered part of the butt to prevent the rod from slipping in the sand-spike, but left the bottom slick to make it easy to take out.

I'm also finished the first layer of a tiger wrap and the under wrap for either a spiral or chevron wrap.

The tiger wrap has some flaws since I've never tried wrapping two threads at a time before, and I'm still learning how to burnish the wavy lines into it.

Now I've got to worry about guide placement and finish :eek: I'll post more pics as the project progresses.
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