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Favorite and Least Favorite Fish to Eat

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Wanted to know what are some of your favorite types of fish to eat and your least favorite.

My favorite is salted Bluefish lightly fried on sauce pan with vegetable oil. Its good eats with steaming rice... big chunks of white meat... yummm...

My least favorite is croakers... just don't like it. I also don't care for perch, too small and too many bones.
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Come over to the dark side and try some blackfish! ;) Once you try blackfish - Called "TOG" South of the Mason-Dixon line ;), you will see why no one will give this fish away.

Least favorite has to be German carp. Had it one time as a kid and it tasted like mud. :eek: Heard that it is pretty good if you know how to cook it though.
Cobia vs snook--real close battle. Fried or broiled without alot of anything else.
O yea--the worst. Tried a jack and almost blew lunch. Not real fond of bluefish either.
Favorite is easily striper done Sicillian sytle (my recipe for it is int he recipes seciton). Least favorite... eel, no matter how you do it. Can't stand it raw or cooked, it's a texture thing.
I can make a bluefish cake that you would think it was a crab cake,I had a party a few years ago,where I invited alot of people that didn't like the taste of bluefish and made bluefish cakes(10lbs)worth, my friends ask me for the recipe and so I gave it to them and they couldn't tell the difference,a little extra work went into making the cakes,but as long as they didn't know it didn't hurt :D :D

Didn't you post that recipe a while back? It might be a good submission for the recipes section.

My favorite has to be the atlantic sea bass.
Least favorite...croaker. :mad:

I might consider changing that favorite after I try tog and puffer. Some say they are really good.
Hey Guys,

My favorite fish to eat comes from the Gorton's Fisherman. :D Seriously though, I can go for sea trout anyday. My least favorite would have to be Mud Catfish. They taste like pure Dirt. I also love Grouper.


"Remember,the further you cast the longer it takes to bring the big ones in." ;)
After the constant prodding of the NB crowd, I decided to take home some croaker and give them another try. Only I did it the way everyone on the pier said to do it (sort of).

Old bay seasoning mixed with Corn meal (I used a box of Jiffy cornbread mix) and then fried! It was tasty.

least favorite=ray/skate
P&S Stirrer- yes I did and have many more,I also smoke fish and turkey,deer too.Last New Years I smoked some Rockfish for one of my co-workers for a party he was giving.But Blues are best if you can get them to be smoked with a little brown sugar,hot pepper flakes and so on(can't give the rest out)I know everyone here at work wants me to open up a restaurant(when I retire)but no way. My favorite is sea trout/black drum,croakers are to boney.Puffer are good to but not enough meat you need at least four for a good meal. :D :D
Favorite, Blue gills (fresh water). Worst, any kind of Carp, yuk!
It is a toss up between tog and cobia for favorite with puffer right behind. I haven't had any fish that I dislike, yet. Spanish mackeral don't taste as good if you have to freeze them. Pure mush.
Favorite - Bluefish baked my way. Close your eyes and taste my bluefish. You'd swear it was crab imperial. Almost as good is sea bass dipped in an egg wash, lightly floured and deep fried at 400*. Melts in your mouth.

Worse - Carp, had them every way possible and they still taste like mud. Even small 12" carp taste bad.

Trigger...Someday we'll have to trade recipes. I'd really like to try your bluefish cakes.

favorite - black seabass then trigger fish
least - bluefish and spade fish
Shark is my favorite followed by puppy drum then spanish mack. Preferably fresh. Ate a freshwater sucker one time, thought I was doing good bringing home a stringer full...I was wrong.... :( ....geo
It's a tough choice between Striper,Blackfish and, and(People don't laugh)Eel! Don't knock it until you tried it fried coated with some corn meal and the worst fish even thought I eat it is a VERY LARGE bluefish.
Pups,grouper,specks,yellowfin tuna,small king macks,jumpin mullet,and a host of others are my favorites..
Big blues(only way is smoked),big cobes,bluegills(if not caught in the right water),frozen spainish,and last but not least,the "dreaded carp" Yuck!! :D
Most favorite to eat are Weakfish and Flounder;Striped Bass and Perch are good.My least favorite is Spot and Croaker;They tatse wierd.Bluefish are not very tatsty,but are great on the grill.
cocoflea- the first time I had eel was a demostration at PLSP(Point Lookout State Park)they showed how to catch,clean and cook them,they were very tasty. :D :D Drumdum- now about carp,I had an uncle who swore by pickled carp(he was a chef)but every Sat. I went over to his house and had pickled carp and ginger ale and I thought I was in heaven,no mud taste,you had to clean the mud sack out before you cut into the fish,mud sack was around, below the dorsel fin(inside)and then you cleaned the rest of the fish and salted it down for 24/48 hrs. :D
Faves: yellerfin tuna, sea mullet, 25inch pups, dolphin, and wahoo

Blech: cobia...it's the only fish I won't eat again.
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